We cannot say "thank you" enough to those who have served our country.  Listed below are the U.S. Armed Forces veterans of WoodsEdge. When you see one of these veterans walking the halls, remember to thank them for their service.

 If you know of a WoodsEdge Veteran that is not listed here, please forward their information to us as soon as possible to be included on this page.  Email information to: Jeff

Veterans are listed under the branch of service in which they served to include active duty, reserves, or National Guard.

U.S. Army Veterans                                                                                            U.S. Navy Veterans
Timothy Beane 1984-87                                                                                                CSC (SCW) Frank Bravo 1988-2010                    
Lt Steve Bodman 1972-78                                                                                            
ENC Mike Charbonnet 1974-97                         
Tom Bonesteel                                                                                                              
CE4 Jeff Duty 1986-94
Sgt Paul Fries                                                                                                                 
Alvin P. Enclade 1942-46
LtCol Rob Harmon 1986-2011                                                                                       S
K2 John Hull 1973-77
Capt Sam Harms                                                                                                            
YN3 Jon Hullum 1973-77
Sgt Karl N Herrmann 1983 -90                                                                                     
HM2 Craig Joncyk 1979-93
Pv2 Paul Hubbard 1972-74                                                                                          
LtCmdr Greg Mather 1962-72
Spec5 Carl Jasper 1963-66                                                                                          
MM1/SS Guy McDonald 1985-93
Spec5 Mike Juenger 1966-69                                                                                        PO
1 Michael Newman 1958-67
Rex Keel 1974-77                                                                                                          
MT2 Mark Wilson 1995-2001
Sgt1st Phil Knox 1966-86                                                                                             
Ed Zimmer 1952-54
Spec4 Steve McIntyre 1987-95
Capt Todd Mulville 1990-97
SSgt Edward Neumann 1971-77
Spc3 Michael Newman 1956-58
Spec4 Michael Newman 1953-58
1stLt Tom Parvis 1969-72
Spec4 Christopher Peters 1985-91
Spec4 William Posey 1969-72
LtCol Jeff Presnal 1980-2005
Capt Warren Rumpel 1981-87
Spec5 Bob Sikes 1970-71
Pfc Don Soula 1954-56
Sgt Art Wilson 1969-71
Spec4 Dawn Yates 1991-99
Sgt1st Wayne Yates 1985-2006



           U.S. Marine Corps Veterans                                                                U.S. Air Force Veterans

Cpl Earl Beck
er 1989-95                                                                                                   TSgt Donald Borucki 1963-71      
Cpl Heith Collins 1995-97                                                                                                 
Am Richard Crouse 1968-72
Cpl Kenneth Gallegos 1978-82                                                                                         TSgt Arch Currid 1985-2010
Sgt Bryan Goerger 1992-96                                                                                             
John Gallegos 1942-45
1st Lt Daniel Hullum 2007-11                                                                                          
SSgt Jack Metcalf 1953-57
Hy Lee 1973-75                                                                                                                LtCol Charlton Phillips 1982-2005
Capt Christopher Peters 1993-2009                                                                               
SSgt Dennis Mark
Cpl Jon Power                                                                                                                   
Capt Rick Noecker 1999-2001
Cpl Tony Richmond 1993-97                                                                                             
2Lt Jeff Rohling 1975-77
SSgt Patrick K. Vincent 1979-94                                                                                      TSgt Scott Tartaglia
MSgt Ed Zimmer 1954-75


U.S. Coast Guard Veterans